Study across Finland, throughout the year

There are 20 summer universities in Finland, and they organise courses both in cities and smaller towns across the country throughout the year. Each year nearly 62,000 students, including more than 1,100 international students, enrol on courses organised by the summer universities.

Summer universities give an opportunity for both personal and professional development. All summer universities operate in close partnership and permanent collaboration with Finnish universities, Universities of Applied Sciences and other institutions of learning.

Courses are open to everyone regardless of age or prior education. However, it is essential to notice that summer universities offer short-term courses, not degree programmes. The language of instruction is mainly Finnish, but some courses are taught in English. Among our non-Finnish speaking students, the most popular courses are on Finnish language and culture .

In addition to student fees, summer universities receive their funding from the state and municipalities. Summer universities take part in educational and cultural projects that aim for regional and European development. Therefore their role as educators is important.

Summer universities plan their curricula on a yearly basis in cooperation with Finnish universities. Interdisciplinary programmes are offered in the fields of cultural studies, European studies, Finnish language and culture, art, dance, music, theatre, education, environmental sciences, health care and social sciences. Please note that each summer university has its own curriculum.

The Association of Summer Universities in Finland

The Association of Summer Universities in Finland is a national body founded in 1972.

The aim of the association is to take care of the interests of summer universities, provide information, as well as collect statistics about their activities. The association also acts as a coordinating link between various interest groups and summer universities both nationally and internationally.